Garden Walk Buffalo has provided nearly $100,000 in Marvin Lunenfeld Beautification Grants since 2005.  Marvin Lunenfeld and his wife Gail McCarthy were the founders of Garden Walk Buffalo.  

More than 100 micro-grants have been awarded to block clubs and community groups in the neighborhoods of Garden Walk Buffalo. Past projects have included street-side planters, hanging baskets, storm damage repair, historic garden restoration, annuals for planters, community gardens, and much more.

Interested in Applying for a Grant?

Grant applications are accepted now through February 29, 2020. Winners are announced in the early spring of that year at a Garden Walk Buffalo Committee meeting.

For questions, or help with the forms, contact For a complete list of past recipients and projects, see below.


Application Guidelines and Directions:

Who is eligible?

  • Non-profit organizations that have been designated 501(c)3 by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).
  • Non-profit organizations with a 501(c)3 sponsor, such as Board of Block Clubs of Buffalo and Erie County, Grassroots Gardens, Inc., etc.

What criteria must be met?

  • The project must be related to gardening and beautification, community and/or neighborhood-oriented, and cannot be to the benefit of an individual’s personal garden or property. This can be a short-term project spanning a single season, or a longterm project intended to last for years.
  • The project must be within the Garden Walk Buffalo footprint: bounded by Main Street, the Niagara River, Canalside, Parkside, and the Scajaquada Expressway. Click here to see a map of the Garden Walk footprint.
  • The project must be visible from the street and completed by Garden Walk weekend (last weekend in July)
  • The requested amount may not exceed $1,000. The organization must provide matching funds equal to the amount requested: monetary, materials, or sweat equity calculated at $15 per hour of donated labor
  • Your application must be submitted by February 29, 2020

What information and documentation are needed to apply?

  • A copy of your (or your sponsor’s) 501(c)3 exemption letter.  Note that this is not the same as a sales tax exemption certificate issued by New York State
  • A description of your project
  • A budget for your project, including proposed plant materials, other supplies, and matching funds (as described above). Complete one of the forms below and upload it into the appropriate application field:

What happens if our project is selected?

  • You will be notified by Garden Walk Buffalo by April 30, 2020 if your project has been selected
  • Grant monies will be distributed at a meeting of the Garden Walk committee in late April or early May.  Representative(s) of your organization will be invited to this meeting and asked to give a brief overview of the organization and the beautification project
  • You must provide proof of project completion by the end of September 2020 including a financial accounting, copies of receipts, and pictures of the completed project


Ready to apply?


For Questions or help with the forms, contact Garden Walk Buffalo:


Past Grantees

Major Gifts
Re-Tree WNY, 2011
Martin House Complex, 2008

Claremont Community Block Club
Block Association of 16th St
Buffalo and Erie County Naval and Military Park
Linwood Avenue Preservation District
Chippewa Alliance
One Symphony Circle
Mekeda Corporation for People's Park
Elmwood Village Association
Middle Highland Block Club
Willowlawn Street Block Club


Block Association of 16th Street
Buffalo Architecture Foundation
Buffalo Naval Park
Chippewa Alliance
Elmwood Village Association
Five Loaves Farm
Friends of Sisti Park
Middle Highland Block Club


5 Loaves Farm right-of-way gardens
One Symphony Circle Wadsworth Street garden
Richardson Olmsted Campus South Lawn rain gardens
Buffalo & Erie County Naval Park esplanade gardens
Friends of Sisti Park additions
Armory-Hill Association planters
Middle Highland Block Club planters
Troop I Post raised garden beds
Cottage District Neighborhood Association planters
Oxford Square Block Club Oxford Square improvements to community lot
Bird Herkimer Block Club landscaping around new signage
Block Association of 16th Street planters


Buffalo & Erie County Naval and Military Park Naval Park Planting beds
Johnson Park Association Johnson Park public gardens
Friends of Sisti Park Sisti Park gardens
5 Loaves Farm DeWitt St right-of-way garden
Block Alliance of 16th Street 16th St planters
One Symphony Circle Wadsworth St garden
Cottage District Community Association Cottage District Planters
Armory Hill Association Planters
Buffalo in Bloom (Niagara Square) Niagara Square gardens
Allentown Association
Elmwood Village Association Hanging planters


Ardmore Place Block Club
Armory Hill Neighborhood Association
Buffalo In Bloom, Niagara Square
Buffalo Shakespeare Garden
Cottage District Neighborhood Association
Fargo Estate Neighborhood Association, 220 Jersey Garden Project
Grant Ferry Association
Johnson Park
Ketchum Place Block Club
Sixteenth Street Alliance
West Side Community Organization


5 Loaves Farm
Allentown Association (Welcome to Allentown Sign Project)
American Red Cross
Ardmore Place Block Club
Armory Hill Neighborhood Assn.
Block Alliance  of Sixteenth Street
Buffalo In Bloom, Niagara Square
Claremont Community Block Club
Cottage District Neighborhood Assn.
Days Park Block Club
Elmwood Village Association (Bidwell and North Street Gardens and Dancing Ladies hanging planters)
Elmwood Village Charter School
Evergreen Health Services , Inc (New memorial for the Life Memorial Park)
Fargo Estate Neighborhood Association (220 Jersey Garden Project)
Journey's End
Linwood Preservation District (Lilies on Linwood project)
One Symphony Circle, First Pres. Church
Unity Church of Buffalo


Argyle Park Neighborhood Association (Island Restoration Project)
Block Alliance of 16th Street (Block Planter Project)
Friends of the Japanese Garden of Buffalo (Mirror Lake Islands and Banks Project)
Cottage District Neighborhood Association (Cottage District Planter Project)
Elmwood Village Association (Dancing Lady Hanging Baskets Project)
Evergreen Health Services (Sidewalk Planter Project)
Linwood Preservation District and Friends (Sisti Park Adjacent Area Project)


Kleinhans Community Association KCA Planter Project (Porter and Hudson Avenues)
Argyle Park Neighborhood Association (Argyle Park Island Restoration Project)
Claremont Community Block Club (Claremont Planter Project)
Elmwood Village Association (Hanging Flower Basket Project)
Child & Family Services Connor Children’s Center Landscaping Garden Project (824 Delaware Avenue)


AIDS Community Services (Bed and Container Garden Project)
Argyle Park Neighborhood Association (Park Islands Project)
Arnold Street Block Club (Neighborhood Planter Project)
Block Alliance of 16th Street (Block Planter Project)
Buffalo in Bloom (Niagara Square Project)
Buffalo Vineyard (Grace Community Garden)
Claremont Community Block Club (Neighborhood Planter Project)
Connecticut Street Association (Neighborhood Planter Project)
Elmwood Village Association (Dancing Lady Basket Project)
Kleinhans Community Association (Bus Shelter Gardens Project)
Potomac 400 Block Club (Neighborhood Perennial Project)
Putnam Street Community Garden (Putnam Street Community Garden)
Vermont Triangle Block Club (Vermont Street Garden)


AIDS Community Services of WNY (Hope Blooms Walkway Garden Planters)
Albright-Knox Art Gallery (Clifton Hall Entrance Garden)
Block Alliance of Sixteenth Street (Street Planters Project)
Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy (Delaware Park Steps Bed Prep and Plants)
Connecticut Street Association (Connecticut Street Community Garden)
Elmwood Village Association (Dancing Lady Basket Hangers)
Gilda’s Club WNY (Main Bed Garden)
International Institute of Buffalo (Front Lawn Garden Project)
Potomac 400 Block Club (400 Block of Potomac Flower Pots)
PUSH Buffalo (Good Neighbors Park Community Garden)
Women & Children’s Hospital of Buffalo (Adopt-a-Garden Project)


AIDS Community Services (Concrete Planter Project)
Albright-Knox Art Gallery (East Grand Staircase Plantings)
Allentown Association (Hanging Basket Project)
Argyle Block Club (Argyle Park Island Restoration)
Bird-Granger Block Club (Hanging Basket Project)
Block Alliance of 16th Street (Hanging Basket Project)
Buffalo Olmsted Parks (Ferry Circle Quadrant Project)
Cottage District Safety Committee (Neighborhood Planter Project)
Days Park Block Club (Days Park Community Park Restoration)
Dewitt Street Block Club (Lafayette Dewitt Four Corners Garden)
Elmwood Village Association (Elmwood Hanging Basket Project)
Gilda’s Club WNY (Main Garden Bed Project)
Grassroots Gardens (10th Street Community Garden Project)
Manchester Block Club (Hanging Basket Project)


Albright-Knox Art Gallery (Fountain Garden Project)
Bird-Granger Block Club (Hanging Basket Project)
Cottage District Safety Committee (Neighborhood Planter Project)
Elmwood Village Association (Hanging Basket Project)
Gilda’s Club WNY (West Ferry Perennial Bed Project)
Kleinhans Community Association (Plymouth Avenue Bus Shelter Improvement Project)
Lafayette Presbyterian Church (Corridor Garden)
Massachusetts Avenue Greening Project (Garden Project along Massachusetts Avenue)


AIDS Community Services (Concrete Planter Project along S. Elmwood from ACS to Chippewa)
Allentown Association (Allen Street Hanging Flower Basket Project)
Arlington Park Block Club (Park Restoration from October 13th Storm)
Elmwood Village Association (Elmwood Avenue/Bidwell Parkway Community Garden)
Gilda’s Club WNY (Gilda’s Club Sign Perennial Bed)
Greening Collaborative (18th Street Park Project)
Kleinhans Community Association (Welcome Sign Garden at Plymouth and Hudson)
York Street Community Association (Summer Street/York Street/Union Place Planter Project)


AIDS Community Services (Victorian Garden Expansion Project)
Allentown Association (Allen Street Planters Project)
Ashland-Hodge Block Association (Neighborhood Planter Project)
Connecticut Street Association (Gardens Expansion Project)
Elmwood Task Force (North Elmwood Planter Project)
Kleinhans Community Association (Orton Garden Project)
Lancaster Avenue Block Club (Daffodil Bulb Project)
York Street Community Association (Neighborhood Planter Project)


Kleinhans Community Association (Fargo Estate Neighborhood Community Garden)
Lafayette Presbyterian Church (Corridor Garden)
Massachusetts Avenue Greening Project (Garden Project Along Massachusetts Avenue)
United Voices: Atlantic-West Utica Block Club (Utica Garden)
York Street Community Association (York Street/Summer Street/Union Place Curbside Planters Project)