July 27, 10 am–July 28, 2019 4 pm

Join us for our 25th anniversary! Tour is free and self-guided. No tickets required. Nearly 400 creative urban gardens. NEW in 2019–the Parkside neighborhood is part of Garden Walk Buffalo!


Garden Walk Buffalo celebrates its 25th anniversary as a garden tour this year! It is America's largest garden tour, attracting garden lovers throughout Western New York, Southern Ontario and beyond. Held annually on the last weekend of July, Garden Walk has become one of the most anticipated summer events locally — and even nationally. An estimated 65,000 visitors flock to Buffalo to tour more than 400 residential gardens as well as many community and public gardens. A free step-on/step-off shuttle service is available throughout the Walk

If you would like to receive a 2019 Garden Walk Buffalo map in the mail in advance of this year's walk, please make a donation of $15 or more, by June 15, 2019, and we'll gladly add you to our mailing list! Visit here to make a donation.  Donations made after June 15, 2019 will apply to Garden Walk Buffalo 2020.

Visit and "Like" our Facebook page to see featured gardens and get updates year round. Contact GardenWalkBuffalo@GardensBuffaloNiagara.com.


REgister your garden

Who can sign up to be a Garden Walk gardener?
There are no fancy garden criteria—no site visits, no judging, no entry fees, nothin'—all you have to do is be proud of your little spot of earth.

You do need to be in the footprint of the Walk—from Canalside to the Scajaquada, and from the Niagara River to Main Street.  And NEW this year, the Park Meadow and Parkside neighborhoods from Nottingham Terrace to Amherst Street, and from Elmwood Avenue to Main Street, as well as the area bound by Colvin Avenue and Crescent Street. See the map at the bottom of this page.

To be a Garden Walk Buffalo garden, your garden doesn’t need to be perfect. It doesn’t need to be giant.

It doesn’t need to be professionally landscaped. Gardens range from large properties to a few square feet—but that is OK—it is the diversity that makes this event a success.

To register your garden, all we ask is that you are excited to share it with visitors. You can choose to share your front, side, or back yard—or all three—you decide!

When should I sign up?
Right now until May 15 each to ensure your garden makes it to the official GWB map. You’ll be asked to provide a brief description of your garden for the map.

How should I prepare for visitors?
There’s no such thing as a perfect garden, so don’t panic. If there is a part of your garden you don't want visitors to enter, rope it off or put up a note. Visitors will be excited to chat. Make sure to take time for yourself! You can't talk to everyone who enters. Stay hydrated and wear sunscreen. If you can’t host the entire weekend, remove your sign so visitors know not to enter.

What if something happens to a visitor during the Walk?
Garden Walk Buffalo has plenty of insurance to cover incidents during the event. Your homeowner’s insurance also covers visitors on your property. During the 24 years of the Walk, there have been no incidents! Visitors are respectful, courteous, and extremely interested in what you’ve created.

Can I use Garden Walk to promote my blankety-blank or sell my such-and-such?
Garden Walk is a free event, designed to connect and inspire garden visitors. While it’s tempting to use this as an opportunity to host a yard sale, art sale, or food stand, it’s important to remember that the weekend is about our neighbors and our gardens. Please don’t use Garden Walk as a place to promote or sell. You may choose to offer water or refreshments to guest at no charge, if you like. Offering complimentary cuttings, seeds, or other sharing is also a fun idea.

Where do I get my sign?
We’re excited to invite you to the annual Rally Party (held the last Saturday of each June), open to all Garden Walk gardeners. Here, you’ll have the chance to meet other gardeners, enjoy refreshments, grab your yard sign, maps and posters—and buy Garden Walk merchandise before the crowds even see it. It’s always a fun time, and it’s a place to ask any last minute questions you have. You'll find the date, time and location in the response email you get when you register your garden – and get reminders as the event nears. Make sure we have your preferred email address, otherwise you won’t get information and updates.

And sometime after the Walk, in September, the Garden Walk Buffalo committee volunteers host a Thank You party for you—a time to share stories and experiences with your new fellow Garden Walk gardening friends over drinks and refreshments!

How can I ask more questions?
If you have more questions, please  email GardenWalkBuffalo@GardensBuffaloNiagara.com, or call (716) 247-5004.


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Event Hours
Saturday10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Sunday10:00 am – 4:00 pm