70 Exceptional gardens to visit throughout Buffalo Niagara on Thursdays and Fridays, for select hours, in July. For a $20 donation, we will ship a book directly to your home. A group of incredible garden centers and shops will also have books available for $10.

Get your Tours of Open Gardens and Garden Events Guide booklet – and keep it in the glove compartment. Exploring Buffalo Niagara’s gardens has become the great girlfriends’ or date getaway for lovely summer days. The gardens are beautiful, there are no crowds, and the gardeners are friendly and happy to answer questions.

We made it easy to plan your day. There’s a map showing the gardens, a listing of the hours that each garden is open, and garden descriptions – complete with garden features and collections.. You’ll have seven days to visit (or re-visit!) the gardens throughout the month.

If you see the Open Gardens sign out, you're welcome in! If you're there for the right hours, but a sign is not posted, an emergency has most likely popped up and the garden is not open. 

Open Garden Guides can be found at the following garden centers:








East Aurora


Orchard Park


West Seneca


Rochester Area


donate for a guide online here