70 Exceptional gardens to visit throughout Buffalo Niagara on Thursdays and Fridays, for select hours, in July. NEW this year, we have an App!

A group of incredible garden centers and shops will also have books available for $10, see list below.

Tours of Open Gardens Guide is now available as an App for iPhones and Androids for $4.99. Search for "Open Gardens."

Keep your  Tours of Open Gardens Guide in the glove compartment. Exploring Buffalo Niagara’s gardens has become the great girlfriends’ or date getaway for lovely summer days. The gardens are beautiful, there are no crowds, and the gardeners are friendly and happy to answer questions.

We made it easy to plan your day. There are maps showing the gardens, a listing of the hours that each garden is open, and garden descriptions – complete with garden features, collections and a photo. You’ll have six days to visit (or re-visit!) the gardens throughout the month.

If you see the Open Gardens sign out, you're welcome in! If you're there for the right hours, but a sign is not posted, an emergency has most likely popped up and the garden is not open.

NOTE: The garden of Sharon Mucciacio, at 32 Rutland Street, South Buffalo, was inadvertently left out of the garden descriptions in the Open Gardens Guide. Her garden IS open on Fridays  from 2-5pm. The listing for her garden is in the front of the booklet with the other gardens in the South Buffalo, West Seneca & Lackawanna gardens, on page 19, but does not have a listing in the garden descriptions for that "cluster.". It will be open and is definitely worth the seeking out!


Open Garden Guides can be found at the following garden centers and shops:







East Aurora


Orchard Park


West Seneca


Rochester Area


donate for a guide online here

Interested in having your own garden on Open Gardens in 2020? Visit here to apply.

Check back for Upcoming Tours of Open Gardens.