9 months ago

What used to be vacant lots are now sustainable market gardens thanks to the beautification efforts and paid internships of 5 Loaves Farm.

Besides producing nearly 90 types of healthy, specialty crops, 5 Loaves has provided spiritual, educational, and economic resources for the diverse set of neighbors who call the Upper West Side of Buffalo home.

Crops grown in the gardens are distributed to 25 families through a Community Supported Agriculture program from June to October, as well as local schools, restaurants, and farm stands.

Lunenfeld Beautification Grants awarded over the past five years were used to install pollinator-friendly native perennials and edible landscaping plants such as cherries, rhubarb, and a variety of berries. Also, Hindu neighbors were able to use African marigolds planted to create Rangoli artwork for fall festivals.

It’s exciting to see how the grants provided by Gardens Buffalo Niagara catalyze numerous projects like this throughout Buffalo, year after year!

Lunenfeld Beautification Grants: Named after Garden Walk Buffalo’s founder, Marvin Lunenfeld, nearly $100,000 has been awarded since 2005 to block clubs and non-profits within the neighborhoods of Garden Walk Buffalo, and helped fund more than 100 garden projects. Grants are awarded based on their potential to impact the community. Every organization matches its grant award with funding, volunteer support, or both, so that each gift goes further! Visit here for the list of this year’s award recipients.

If you would like to keep the Marvin Lunenfeld Beautification Grants – and have a Garden Walk Buffalo Map mailed to you prior to the Walk, visit here.