6 months ago

NEW THIS YEAR To avoid long waits for shuttles traveling long distances, Garden Walk Buffalo's eight free hop-on/hop-off shuttles have routes divided into four color zones.

Shuttles have routes divided into four color zones this year that coordinated with the map - RED (A), PURPLE (B), GREEN (C), and BLUE (D).

Each garden description has a map color and matching letter (A, B, C, D) and map coordinates (eg., F8) to let you know exactly where to find each garden.

Each color route has two shuttles running loops. If you want to go from a bus in one color zone to another, you'll have to get off the bus at a transfer point and get on the next color shuttle.

For example, in the PURPLE ZONE, there's a transfer point from the RED ZONE in the south at First Presbyterian Church, one of the Walk's satellite headquarters; and transfer points on West Ferry Street to get you to the GREEN ZONE shuttles. All shuttle routes take you to either a main HQ with merchandise for sale, maps, water, and bathrooms, OR a satellite HQ with maps.

Plan on heading BACK to your starting point by 3:30 p.m., at the latest, each day.

Explore Buffalo docents will be on board every bus to point out sites of architectural or historical interest. Explore Buffalo will have a table at the First Presbyterian Church HQ site - pick up information about their tours (and leave a generous donation!).