1 year ago

16th Street is the perfect example of how urban renewal can happen, yard by yard.

One of the most exciting things about the Marvin Lunenfeld Beautification Grants is the way in which these small grants, given to  small neighborhood associations, have been able to support a huge transformation in our city. The Block Association of Buffalo’s 16th Street is one of this year’s Lunenfeld Grant recipients, and they have truly embodied this spirit,  building beauty where they are and making their neighborhood one of the prime Garden Walk destinations.

The neighbors on 16th Street have used grant funds to purchase street pots and hanging baskets. The Garden Walk has contributed substantially to the sense of community on the block, and this feeling grows each year as more neighbors plant gardens and join in the work of beautifying Buffalo for everyone.

Garden Walk Buffalo is this weekend, July 28th and 29th, from 10am-4pm (both days). You can see 16th Street’s project all weekend!

The Lunenfeld Beautification Grants are named for Garden Walk Buffalo founder Marvin Lunenfeld. The grants have distributed nearly $100,000 in micro grants to more than 100 projects in the city of Buffalo. You can help us build a more beautiful Buffalo by donating here: Build a More Beautiful Buffalo with Gardens Buffalo Niagara (click to view).