2 months ago

It's Easy to Certify Your Garden as a Wildlife Habitat!

Spring is just around the corner!  Chances are you're already providing wildlife with the elements required to certify your garden as a Wildlife Habitat.  Take the next step!

5 months ago

Meet our first Legacy Society members!

Now there’s a new way to leave your mark on Western New York: Gardens Buffalo Niagara has launched the Living Gardens Legacy Society.

8 months ago

The Naval Park is Transforming the Buffalo Waterfront Thanks to the Marvin Lunenfeld Beautification Grant

The park has an estimated annual attendance of 500,000, and is one of 2018’s recipients of the Marvin Lunenfeld Beautification Grant. This funding was used to continue their transformation of the Buffalo waterfront into a more vibrant and exciting entrypoint for our city.

8 months ago

Middle Highland Block Club Embodies the Values of the Lunenfeld Grant

Middle Highland Block Club embodies the most important values of the Lunenfeld Grant. This grant has brought community members together in order to work toward a shared goal.

8 months ago

5 Loaves Farm Welcomes Neighbors Through the Lunenfeld Grant

5 Loaves Farm is a locally owned and operated farm dedicated to providing spiritual, economic, and educational resources, as well as healthy food, to its community.

8 months ago

16th Street is Blooming, With The Support of Dedicated Neighbors and Lunenfeld Grants!

16th Street is the perfect example of how urban renewal can happen, yard by yard.

9 months ago

The sun rises first on Buffalo's East Side gardens!

Gardeners of Buffalo's East Side banded together to create the first-ever garden tour on Saturday, July 21, 2018.

And it was great.

9 months ago

Lunenfeld Beautification Grant Awardee: Elmwood Village Association

With the goal of creating beauty on street level, the Elmwood Village Association (EVA is one of this year’s Lunenfeld Beautification Grant recipients.