3 years ago

10 of Buffalo’s “Can’t Miss” gardens

In no particular order, here are 10 extraordinary gardens you can't miss during Garden Walk Buffalo.

5 years ago

Fencing Garden Art

During Garden Walk Buffalo, I got out to visit just a few gardens I've never visited before. Local artist Sally Treanor had been in my garden – not once – but twice on Saturday alone for the Walk and I told her I'd try and get over to Richmond Avenue to see hers in the morning.

5 years ago

A magnificent daylily

There are literally thousands of varieties of daylilies that have different textures, colors, shapes and sizes.

5 years ago

What to do with a shady front garden

I struggled for years with a small garden at the front corner of my house. It is right by the front door and visible from both streets as it is slightly higher than the sidewalk. It seemed the perfect spot for an annual garden with brilliant colors that would last for the season.

5 years ago

Duet dahlia

These tuberous perennials require a little special attention as they are not hardy in WNY but I am happy to do it.