7 months ago

For every new subscription to Garden Design magazine through this online form, Garden Design will donate $12 to Garden Walk Buffalo/Gardens Buffalo Niagara!

When you subscribe to Garden Design magazine, you will receive the current issue for free, and $12 of the order will be donated to Garden Walk Buffalo!

To order, visit online here, or  call (855) 624-5110 (Monday-Friday, 11am-8pm EST) and mention this offer.

2018 Media Sponsor Garden Design magazine will also donate magazines for raffles and give-aways, as well as promote Garden Walk Buffalo nationally through their website (see here), eNewsletters, and magazine.

Anyone can use the link who wants to subscribe to the magazine and support Gardens Buffalo Niagara—friends, family, community members, ext. Please share this offer and this link https://www.gardendesign.com/buffalo with every garden-lover you know!

To sign up for their free Thursday eNewsletters, visit here.