1 year ago

“This year we are proud to support the beautification efforts of eight groups including the Buffalo Architecture Foundation, 5 Loaves Farm, and the Block Association of 16th Street,” notes Onda Simmons, the chair of the granting committee.

Each year, the Marvin Lunenfeld Beautification Grants Committee of Garden Walk Buffalo identifies projects led by community organizations and associations, helping fund work to create a more vibrant community.

Garden Walk Buffalo, the capstone program of Gardens Buffalo Niagara, celebrates the creativity of gardeners as a way to promote the vibrancy of our region and contribute to its social, ecological, and economic good.

“This may seem like it’s just a few extra flowers, but research shows that the presence of community-driven gardening projects leads to healthier neighborhoods and more connected communities,” says Jeffrey Tooke, GBN Board President.

The grants are named for the Garden Walk Buffalo founder, Marvin Lunenfield who was committed to using gardening and garden walks to help Buffalo becoming a thriving city and to share the good growing inside it. These grants recognize his lasting contribution to Buffalo’s resurgence.

  • Block Association of 16th Street
  • Buffalo Architecture Foundation
  • Buffalo Naval Park
  • Chippewa Alliance
  • Elmwood Village Association
  • Five Loaves Farm
  • Friends of Sisti Park
  • Middle Highland Block Club

2018 awardees include the Buffalo Architecture Foundation, which will feature a free community library designed by a local architect at the Westside Community Center.

Annually, the organization distributes funding to 10-20 small projects that make neighborhoods more beautiful and, in time, safer and more stable. Since the program’s launch ten years ago, it has funded over 100 small projects, including repairing storm damage, installing hanging basket in neighborhood corridors, and contributing to community gardens. Community leaders, donors, awardees, and elected officials are among those expected to be in attendance.